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Join Us

Take the very best of 

Those you have lost and

Bring it out into the

World in their honor.

Carry on where they no

Longer can and shine your

Light for them.

Listen for the whispers in

Your mind of their words

And trust they are always

With you

Because you keep their

Memory alive with the 

Life that you live.

(Quoted from: "I Live For Those Iv'e Lost Along the Way"

Photography by
Morgan Henry


Originally conceived as photographic project and then a book to support people who have been bereaved by suicide, we have evolved to create a website consisting of a memorial page to honor the person who has gone. 

We wish to have the website’s  main focus to be on the people who are bereaved by suicide. We are offering a template webpage for people to write what we call a blog, a “biographical life of gratitude” for the person who is gone, and also a place to upload pictures and memories which can be shared with people who they are wanting to share information and support in the grieving and healing process with a person who has died

Whilst the services offered are free, there is a minimum amount of money it takes to run our website. It is our wish, if so inclined, that people will donate to our charity Goodwill In Action To Prevent Suicide CIO. We seek to support people with thoughts of suicide and those bereaved by suicide. 

We are linked with Action To Prevent Suicide CIC who offer Briefings, Training courses online and Face-to-Face interactions, with a strong emphasis on Livingworks suicide prevention courses, which are internationally recognised.



Suggested donation $7

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